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there are some places

we visit in our lives

that will simply change you as a person 

The air was blue. Two years gone by tough and fast, decided to start working in the day and continue college classes after work to get hands-on experienced at companies. Knowing what she only had was a two-week seller at The Body Shop in Canada, and three-week fish seller in the market before Chinese New Year in high school were not enough. She finished her last summer in Shanghai and Hong Kong, spent quality time with Dad and Mom - Hiking along the way alone thinking, once Visual Arts teacher said to her, "You gotta start somewhere."
Started as an admin assistant in an european company, prior to that it taught her everything. It has discovered what she was potential of and has finally moved on from the comfort starting zone to another. Working with the most intelligent and extremely talented people that she looked up to so much. Learned to be disciplined on both a team player or an own boss for different types of on-going projects.

空氣是藍色的,在炎熱的高雄畢業後,開始工作,下班後繼續上課,以在公司獲得實踐經驗。在又窮又華麗的天龍家鄉,試著在繚亂景色又難呼吸的人群中生存。除了在加拿大 The Body Shop 兩週打工、高中農曆新年在市場賣了三週的魚,都不夠能在這具有舞台效果、隱藏意圖的社會裡,凸顯自己是什麼特別的新鮮人。想起高中藝術老師說:“你必須從某個地方開始” 在一家外商公司開始擔任行政助理,它教會了我處事能力,也發現了我的潛力,最後從舒適圈降落在另一個地方。 

-MARCH 2016

She worked in a gorgeous basement, with a group of powerful, artistic team. They even went to Portugal and witness their works to be seen. She wrote interview scripts, followed up side shots, woke up and continued to interview a few more models and stylists, and continued editing them. Perhaps the graduation season has poisoned her to question herself crossing her mind. What she prioritized to be focusing on for the bigger picture. The summer before college graduation she saw delicate flowers, towering mountains, quiet forests, colourful skies, and of course the raging oceans. Wondered to pause and move on to an improvement, because getting in touch with these are true inspirations. Of course there are so many to be terrified of; the unknowns and no sense of disability. Leaving behind security, close colleagues, yet she came to believe that what is more important to be as an artist is to experience and yet there are so much more to be seen in this world. Increase more personal life, spending time with herself, the earth, family, strangers and more. Go on solo trips to get inspired in countless ways. In a meantime freelancing with different projects to get exposed from different ideas and clients - before sun comes up land in a full time job.

後來在一間華麗又踏實的信義安和辦公室,跟著一群厲害的有才夥伴們一起共事。也協助我發覺並磨練了我的專長,一同眼睜睜看著作品在面前產生,寫腳本、跟拍側拍、睡醒繼續剪片。學會和團隊成員或主管達成共識,進行不同類型的項目繼續工作。精美的花朵、天高的山脈、安靜的森林、五顏六色的天空,以及洶湧的海洋。希望可以暫停一切、增進自己再繼續,與這些人事物保持密切的接觸,或去才是真正的靈感來源。當然,令人恐懼的東西; 未知數、沒有殘疾感。 遠離舒適圈、親密的同事們,我當時相信,作一名創作者,更重要的是體驗和探索世界上更多的東西、體悟他人的什麼故事。增加更多的個人生活,能獨處、愛地球跟花時間陪家人、認識陌生人等等。一人旅行,以無數方式獲得靈感。在全職投入一個團隊之前,透過不同的模式進行自由業,從不同的想法和客戶那裡,做出更不同的作品。



Moving into another city could be one of the most busiest days before freelancing started. I want to concentrate on taking care of myself, not squeeze toothpaste while on the toilet and think about what to where, to be able to remember what I had for breakfast and lunch, whether the car door is locked or not, when will I hit the table, and whether the flowers were watered last night. This is the city where people carries their bags with all kinds of stories and depart or arrive. I guess it was a sign of how my freelancing life was going to be. During this chapter, it has surely made me very self-disciplined. It also consumes a lot of hours without money - to make the few proposals and made various cafes into my go-to meeting rooms. I desperately want to find a spiritual oasis in this noisy community, it might be an hour and a half to drive to Yilan, and three hours back. But the beach is always compelling. It is definitely not because of those topless surfers. It is because we are all very quiet by the sea and it also washes away all kinds of noise. Here, listening to people from the cities or the mountains and seas, how to have beautiful dreams and not be stubborn with society, we exchange lives and journeys. Perhaps it is because of this, that I have found my path while in a place that is probably a second home, a sense of belonging.


-JULY 2020


Getting up in the late winter was still very painful, sometimes the alarm rings from 6:40 to 7:10. I didn't know why Mila (aka my cat) doesn't wake me up. Anyway, when you can't get up, it's alright to blame on the others, no? No. Some days are oddly great, and you can get up suddenly before the alarm goes off.
Walking barefoot on the cold bricks to the kitchen, first press a cup of coffee, then go to the toilet stand in front of the mirror, squeeze toothpaste while thinking about what is the outfit of the day, and then move onto the toilet to brush teeth. After the shower, the coffee ready to drink at just the right temperature to not burn your tongue. Sometimes I ask myself why I brush my teeth before drinking coffee? 
Rush to the train station, see all the sleepy faces, bad breathes, busy phone calls, news kind of people, you can find any kinds of people on the train, it's quite interesting. The commute sometimes makes me regret moving away from Taipei, which is all ugly, vulgar, luxurious and convenient combined.
"Next stop, Taipei" announced. After swiping the pass, I'm on my second train of the commute, this train is the one that goes to the east coast, I sit and wish to see the sea, where it's always very healing there. I put other music in the earphones, and once again fell into the good weather with happy summer.
I felt active and productive in these months but did not seem like a living life to me. I was back on busy working only self. But being a video producer in this team was something I craved for, also to proof myself. Although after 8 months of working, unfortunately the team split apart. It was almost as a breakup in a relationship where you could sense the red flags.
Magically, I was very lucky to got into one of my favourite swimwear brands, and started my creative designs in this team:
天氣冷的時候實在很難起床,有時鬧鐘從六點四十響到七點十分。不知道為什麼 Mila (家貓) 都不會叫我起床,反正起不來的時候都怪別人就對了?不對。有時狀況好,可以在鬧鐘響前突然起床。赤腳踏著冰冷的磚走到廚房,先按杯咖啡,再到廁所鏡子前,邊擠牙膏邊想今天天氣適合穿什麼,再移動到馬桶上刷牙。沖涼後,咖啡也已經是個不燙舌的剛好溫度。有時候問自己為什麼先刷牙再喝咖啡?


-APRIL 2021



A digital designer born in 1995, raised between Taipei and Canada.

Mandarin, English, and A2 French.

A perfect day-off would be clearing thoughts, spending quality self time at breakfast, driving out to the beach, seeing the beautiful colours of trees and flowers. Feeling the sun hit my skin under the breeze and watch the ocean as the sun sets.



多媒體設計 1995







Tiff creates on-brand content for seasonal new drops with events, look-books in photography or videography, and all things design.


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